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Music and the Art of Long Term Relationships

The key to staying committed.

I have played the piano for a very long time. I started learning in primary school and stopped when I was about 16 years old. I still played at home but just pottered away, playing fun pieces.

It wasn’t until after I had my Bachelor of Education and was assigned my first class to teach. I had a grade two class, and I was so excited to be out teaching. One of the most exciting things I discovered, was that there was a piano in my classroom. Wow! I would play and sing with the kids, and we would have a great time. I realised then how much joy I could bring to the class and myself.

Our relationships with people, takes time and effort. We have ups and downs and sometimes things don’t go right. Sometimes we get upset or frustrated when things are not going as planned.

The same relationship can happen with activities that we want to do or learn or achieve. We have relationships with our sport: training to get fit, or for a certain activity. We have relationships with our art and crafts, we have relationships with things we are trying to achieve.

Our relationship with music is important too.

Learning to play the piano is not always going to be easy. It takes time and patience. Sometimes we get frustrated, or impatient, and feel like we are not achieving or going as fast as we want.

Having a long-term relationship with music requires time, patience, discipline, practice, and compassion. It’s not always going to be perfect or flow smoothly. Being determined not to give up is important.

Have a think this week about your relationship with music and how you can change your mindset to find peace in learning and appreciating the joy it brings.

Neil Moore has written a book on

“Music and the Art of Long-Term Relationships”

You can download your free copy here.

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