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Better Practice App

The Better Practice App is a program that works on any device. It is not an app in the App Store but a web page in any browser. You can use your phone, iPad, laptop, computer or any other device to access the app.

This app has been great. I have been using it with a wide range of students from level 2 onwards, children to adults alike.

It is affiliated with Simply Music and can link straight into the Simply Music Intranet and work along side it as you watch videos, or check resources.

The app has a list of all your current projects and all your review projects. Each time you practice it logs the time spent and what song your practiced. The App ticks off each song as you practice it, so you know which ones you have practiced and which ones you still need to do.

You can also record your songs and keep them in your library or send them to your teacher to listen to them.

The app has a fabulous dictionary of terms and chord games to help you practice.

The BPA helps to keep you accountable and gives you lots of encouragement.

I can already see the great improvement of many of my students that have been using the app and keeping a great streak going.

If you would like to try the app, let me know by emailing me at

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