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Primary Piano Class

Beginner piano lessons suitable for 6-10 year olds.

Learn how play the piano using the Simply Music Method.

Contempory, Classical, Blues, Accompaniment, Improvising and Composition.

Adult Piano Classes

Did you always want to learn piano but never had time? or had piano lessons but want to learn in a difference way? Now is a great time to start again.

Nearly in High School Class

Beginner Piano Lessons especially for those heading into high school who would like to be able to play the piano and have basic reading and theory ready for high school.

Seniors Piano Class

Really want to enjoy piano and play what you want....Lets have fun!

High school Piano Class

High school / teenage piano lessons. Learn to play Contemporary, CLassical, Blues, Accompaniment, Improvising and Composition. 

Private Piano Lesson

Suitable for those that really need one on one attention. Learn to play the piano using the Simply Music Piano Method.

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